Wednesday, 6 June 2007

New Issue of Mineral Collector Magazine!

The second issue of the Australian and New Zealand Mineral Collector magazine is now out. This issue includes articles on Thackaringa garnets; phosphates from Punchs Terror, Tasmania; the Avebury Nickel Mine, Tasmania; Epidote from the Harts Range; Bickers Quarry, New Zealand; and more.

It is full colour, 28 pages, and only $10US available from Lulu.

If you are going to order a copy directly, can I suggest that you use the 'Standard' option for shipping. It is by far the most economical, and usually arrives within a couple of weeks.


robynahawk said...

Steve - your blog is really good - great info...have you thought about adding some sort of subscription option so folks can get auto notifications when you post updates?


crocoite said...

Hi Robyn. Thanks! I'll have to look into how that can happen. Regards, Steve

crocoite said...

Hi Robyn. Looks like you can already subscribe. Go to the 'Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)' link at the bottom of the blog, then select 'Subscribe to this feed using' and select a method. Bloglines seems to be a good one. Regards, Steve

rockyroad2 said...

Steve - Nice site for a blog and enjoy the pictures you posted. I plan to put up a blog when I get the gumption and time to do it!Learning something new all the time!The comment from Robyn about subcribe to feed is good bit of advice for me to keep in mind.