Monday, 11 June 2007

Cold Spot: The Ice Maiden Cometh...

Well it is Winter here in Tasmania!

Yesterday morning (Sunday), we woke to a medium frost. The grass was white, and the water containers for the dog, chickens and sheep were well iced over (see second pic).

Ice crystals were quite well-formed, particularly in sheltered spots.

In the first picture, the ice crystals have formed in quite unusual radial sprays. They have seeded on a piece of sheep's fleece caught up on the wire fence.

In case you didn't know, ice is a valid mineral species.

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Jackie said...

Hi Steve!

Not the ice maiden here but Jackie from the UK where it is reportedly summer. This means the sky is a different shade of grey!

Seriously, I love the pictures of the crystals, they have a real beauty.

Don't get too cold!

Best wishes, Jackie x